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Company Background

Since the founding of SawMaster Diamond Tools, Inc. on March 1, 1997, SawMaster has strived to provide our customers in the construction industry with a wide range of high quality, precision diamond tools at very competitive prices.

In order for us to meet our goals, we have committed ourselves to following a detailed analytical research and development procedure to guarantee that our customers receive our very best.

Currently, SawMaster offers an entire line of diamond tools to provide the industry professional and consumer with every means to perform his job well. Our line of diamond tools consists of a variety of saws, diamond blades, and accessories for cutting virtually any material, including tile, marble, masonry, and concrete. With our ongoing research and development process, our customers can look forward to seeing newer, more innovative products that will work for them to get the job done.

At SawMaster, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest quality diamond tools. In order for us to serve our growing customer base, we have moved our corporate office to a new location in Riverside, California. In our new office we are able to provide better customer service and with our larger warehouse, we maintain a large inventory on hand to guarantee efficient delivery of our products to our customers after undergoing a rigorous inspection process.

To ensure that our customers receive the best prices available, we engage in time-consuming research of current prices in the diamond tool market. In the long run you will see that our products will not only entail a low initial investment, but an even lower long-term cost. This is due to the efficiency of our high performance machines and blades. At SawMaster, we treat every purchase as an investment in your construction project. Combining competitive pricing and high quality products, SawMaster is setting new standards in the diamond tool industry.