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We specialize in durable and reliable saws, diamond tools, and low-maintenance machines engineered with top quality materials!

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  • product durability (less downtime on repairs)
  • high quality materials
  • low-maintenance


Welcome to SawMaster, a family owned dependable diamond tool company you can rely on! We specialize in durable and reliable saws and diamond tools for the construction industry professional.

SawMaster services a wide range of premium quality diamond tools and new design technology all over the United States of America. Our mission is to provide our customers with a wide variety of top quality precision diamond tools for competitive prices. We are the best at what we do!

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Diamond Tools

As an established provider of quality diamond tools, SawMaster offers a comprehensive selection of diamond saws and blades targeted at the tile, masonry, and stone industries.

Diamond Tools


SawMaster offers a complete line of saws, such as diamond saw blades, tile saws, stone saws, etc., to suit the needs of professionals and consumers in the tile, stone, and masonry industries.


Masonry Saws

SawMaster provides a
variety of masonry saws engineered
with top-quality materials.

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Stone Saws

SawMaster’s top quality stone saw and tiling tools are available in a myriad of configurations.

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Tile Saws

SawMaster is best known for its high performing tile saw and other top-quality tile cutter products.

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Future Products coming soon!

We at SawMaster are always innovating...

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For the past 20+ years, our dedicated and experienced team members have provided our clients with products held to the highest standard of quality to guarantee that our customers receive nothing but the best. SawMaster offers a full line of diamond tools, such as diamond blades, stone saws, tile saws, future products, turbo blades, segmented blades, continuous rim blades, polishing pads, profile wheels, and much more! All of our tools, products and accessories are made with the finest material so that our customers will be able to execute their construction duties in a precise, detailed and first-class manner. Our diverse assortment of high-performing blades and saws will exceed all of your expectations as all of our cutting products can cut through any stubborn material with accuracy, including marble, tile, masonry and concrete.

As the construction industry evolves, so does SawMaster! Thorough up-to-date analytical research, reliable development procedure and rigorous inspection process, SawMaster is relentlessly pushing to create more innovative products for our consumers. Our large warehouse stocked with a plethora of inventory is located in Riverside, California, but we are able to directly deliver any of our products nationwide. At SawMaster, we treat every purchase as an investment in your construction project. Combining competitive pricing and high-quality products, SawMaster is setting new standards in the diamond tool industry. For inquires, contact SawMaster today!

  • new unique machine multi-tool
  • quality assurance (double inspection)
  • warehouse stock