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Sawmaster Diamond Tools Polishing Pads

Polishing Pad

Polishing Pads Premium

Wet cutting only

  • Granite
  • Marble

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The PP Series Polishing Pads are pliable for use on both flat and contoured stone surfaces. The pads are available in a variety of grit sizes, which when used in sequence, produce incredibly polished finishes. For easy grit size identification, the backs of the pads are color coded.

3"50 GritsPP0305
3"100 GritsPP0310
3"200 GritsPP0320
3"400 GritsPP0340
3"800 GritsPP0380
3"1500 GritsPP3150
3"3000 GritsPP3300
3"Complete Set (Buff included)PP3SET
4"50 GritsPP0405
4"100 GritsPP0410
4"200 GritsPP0420
4"400 GritsPP0440
4"800 GritsPP0480
4"1500 GritsPP4150
4"3000 GritsPP4300
4"Complete Set (Buff included)PP4SET
5"50 GritsPP0505
5"100 GritsPP0510
5"200 GritsPP0520
5"400 GritsPP0540
5"800 GritsPP0580
5"1500 GritsPP5150
5"3000 GritsPP5300
5"Complete Set (Buff included)PP5SET
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