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SawMaster T7


The T7 is the successor to the portable 710 series saw. It retains the powerful yel lightweight design of the previous model, while adding some improvements. Power is now delivered from the powerful 1 HP brush motor via a gear system, instead of a belt assembly. This in turn improves the saw's efficiency, which can be felt by the increase in torque while cutting. In addition the water delivery system and blade guard assembly has been changed to make the saw more user friendly, yet versatile. All of which are still mounted on the dependable all steel frame construction.

  • Efficient gear driven blade shaft
  • Rigid welded internal frame
  • Injected durable rubber mat
  • Easy access blade guard assembly

MotorCarbon brush motor
Power1.0 HP (0.75kW)
Voltage115 V
Amperage8.5 A
Rotation per minute-- RPM
Rip Cut (Max cut parallel to tile edge)20 in (508 mm) tiles
Diagonal Cut (max cut 45 degree to tile edge)14 in (355,6 mm) tiles
Max Cutting Depth1.75 in (44.5 mm)
Arbor Diameter0.625 in (15.88 mm)
Blade Shaft Rotation per Minute600 RPM
Water TrayABS/PP External tray
Weight45 lbs (20.5 kg)
Blade Guard Capacity7 in (178 mm)