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Wide U-Shaped Brick & Block Segmented Blades Premium Wet or dry cutting

 Wide U-Shaped Brick & Block Segmented Blades Premium

The SB Series Laser Welded Segment Blades are best suited to cut brick & block and other aggregates with similar properties. The large U-shaped, angle slots are designed to quickly expel dust and to increase air flow for more efficient cooling during dry cutting operations (although wet cutting is possible as well).

  • Hard Brick
  • Stone
  • Masonry
  • Cinder Block

Diameter Width // Rim Height Arbor Item
10" 0.095" / 8.5mm 5/8"~7/8" SB1080R
12" 0.125" / 8.5mm 1"~20mm SB1211R
14" 0.125" / 8.5mm 1"~20mm SB1411R