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Masonry Turbo Segmented Blades Premium Wet or dry cutting

Masonry Turbo Segmented Blades Premium

The ST Series Masonry Turbo Segmented Blades excel at fast, aggressive cutting of masonry and concrete materials. These high speed blades are commonly equipped on handheld chop saws. Turbo style segments facilitate cooling for prolonged, under load operations.

  • Concrete Block
  • Masonry

  • Roofing Tile

DiameterWidth // Rim HeightArborItem
4"0.080" / 7mm5/8"~7/8"ST0480RH/RM
4.5"0.080" / 7mm5/8"~7/8"ST4580RH/RM
7"0.080" / 7mm5/8"DM7/8"ST0780RH/RM
8"0.095" / 7mm5/8"DM7/8"ST0880RH/RM
10"0.095" / 7mm5/8"DM7/8"ST1080RH/RM
12"0.125" / 9mm1"~20mmST1212RH/RM
14"0.125" / 9mm1"~20mmST1412RH/RM
20"0.135" / 7mm1"~20mmST2012RH/RM