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High Speed Dry Cutting Blades Standard Dry cutting only

High Speed Dry Cutting Blades Standard

The PHS Series High Speed Dry Cutting Segmented Blades are designed for use with hand-held electric or gasoline-powered saws with a maximum spindle RPM of 6000. They are suitable for cutting both abrasive and non-abrasive materials.

  • Cured Concrete (Hard Non-Abrasive Materials)
  • Green Concrete (Abrasive Materials)

  • General Purpose

DiameterWidth // Rim HeightArborItem
12"0.110" / 6.5mm1"~20mmPHS12aSD
12"0.110" / 6.5mm1"~20mmPHS12aSD
12"0.125" / 6.5mm1"~20mmPHS12bSD
14"0.110" / 6.5mm1"~20mmPHS14aSD
14"0.125" / 6.5mm1"~20mmPHS14bSD