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Wet Tile Saw

Before you purchase a wet tile saw, spend a few moments on SawMaster’s website to see why our machines are the best in the industry. We rely on top labor to manufacture top-quality products that last- unlike cheap imports that break down, require frequent adjustments & repairs, and end up in the trash within a year or two. Invest in the best at SawMaster- you’ll be glad you did.

What is a Wet Tile Saw?

If you’re cutting tile or saw, you’ll find that a wet tile saw streamlines the operation by reducing dust emitted by the saw and also keeps the blade cool while cutting. Tile saws have a special fitting that allows you to hook up a water hose to spray water over the material as it’s being cut. You may think that the combination of water and electricity could pose as a safety feature; however, that’s not the case. Tile saws are exceptionally safe when used as indicated by the manufacturer. SawMaster tools are renown for unmatched safety and performance; in fact, you’ll find that our machines outperform and outlast the competition.

Which Tile Saw is the Best?

While you have many options when shopping for a wet tile saw, you won’t find a better product available than one from SawMaster. Here’s why-

  • Company commitment and dedication to providing a superior customer experience
  • Uncompromised quality as a primary focal point throughout the manufacturing
  • Time-consuming research performed
  • Low investment- long-term value
  • Double inspection process
  • Warehouse stock for quick shipping
  • Real people on the phone
  • A range of quality products

Got Questions?

Reach out to a SawMaster tool specialist with your questions or connect with us through the SawMaster website for more information about our machines. If you’re not sure which wet tile saw is best for the job at hand, we’ll be happy to make a recommendation based on your requirements. Read our awesome customer reviews and testimonials for confidence in the SawMaster name- browse the Web, but you won’t find better quality or workmanship being poured into a tool.

See Our Line of Saws

Click the ‘products’ link and choose ‘Machines’ from the menu to browse wet and dry tile saws, masonry saws, block & brick saws, and diamond tools, all designed for tough jobs around the home or at the workplace. You’ll never regret investing in a tool that will reduce downtime and minimize repairs over the years. A SawMaster wet tile saw could be the best purchase you make this year- why not take a closer look at our product line?