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Stone Saws

Stone cutting is essential for many landscaping, restoration, and architectural decoration projects. However, to obtain the ideal cut, it is necessary to use the right tools: stone saws.

These are certainly different from other saws. In addition to stones, you can cut other similar materials including bricks. This is why they are also known as masonry saws. To take full advantage of the procedure, you must take into account some keys of the device.

What Type of Cutting Disc Does a Stone Saw Use?

Most cutting discs are coated with diamond particles. However, keep in mind that not all stones are the same. The type of blade you select will depend on the abrasiveness and hardness of the material. The wisest thing is to consult with your supplier, so they can help you choose the ideal disc for each element.

In addition to the right disc, you must consider that safety equipment is essential. Any splinter that emits the procedure can seriously affect the body, mainly the eyes. If you would like more advice on this tool contact us; at SawMaster we will be happy to support you.

Which Are the Types of Stone Cutting?

With a stone saw, you can use two methods. The most common is wet cutting. In this case, the saw is equipped with a water injector, which will keep the blade cool and will also help you significantly reduce the emission of dust and particles.

However, there may come a project in which you cannot use water, and you must make a dry cut. Keep in mind that you will first need a special disc for dry cutting. Also, much dust is emitted, so it is preferable that you perform the procedure in a very ventilated place, and with respiratory protection equipment.

You must also give the disc time to cool down so that it does not lose its sharpness. Finally, keep in mind that you won't be able to cut all at once. You will need to apply several shallow partial cuts until you get the result you expect.

What Else Do You Have to Consider to Use Your Stone Saw?

When using these tools, you must let the machine do the work. If you try to force the cut, you run the risk that the blade will bend, lose its sharpness, or even break. When selecting your saw, also consider the versatility of the device. Manufacturers usually design the instrument for stationary use. The most innovative equipment like SawMaster is portable, allowing you to use it anywhere you need it.

Finally, sometimes you notice that even if the blade is sharp enough, stop cutting. Using a blunt disc can compromise operator safety. The smart thing to do is to consult with your supplier, to evaluate whether you can renew the coating to the edge, or simply it's time to change it.

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