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Professional Tile Saw

Whether you are a contractor or are renovating your property, you need to make sure that you have the proper tools for the job. Every task is different, and you must use the correct device to achieve the best results. When you are installing tile, you need to use a professional tile saw. At SawMaster, we sell a wide range of tile saws to meet your particular needs. For best results, choose a saw that will properly cut the type of tiles that you are installing.

What is a Professional Tile Saw?

A professional tile saw is a tool that allows you to make straight, even cuts through tiles. Tiles may be made of ceramic or other similar materials. Our tile saws have diamond coated cutting blades to give you a neat, clean-cut. You may need to make cuts to fit tiles into specific places such as corners and edges. Sometimes you will have to create specialized cuts such as cutouts or L-shapes. You need to make precise cuts that will give a professional appearance.

Features of SawMaster Tile Saws

We offer a variety of different professional tile saw models. Our wet/dry handsaw has a 5-inch blade capacity and is ideal for smaller jobs. We have seven different sizes of large SawMaster professional tile saws, some with frame-mounted wheels. You can read the specs to find the blade capacity, motor size, and RPM speed. Installers know SawMaster as a leading brand of tile saw. Each of our saws uses water to facilitate the cutting process. You can choose the size saw that best meets your ongoing needs as a tile installer.

How Do I Use a Tile Saw?

A tile saw is not difficult to operate. You should always follow the instructions provided in the user manual and wear protective safety gear when you run any saw. Make sure that the saw is in a level position before you begin. Fill the trough with water based on the specific requirements of the model saw. Position the tile using the necessary measurements. Slowly and carefully, guide the tile while you turn on the saw. Remove the pieces from the saw table, and you will be ready for your next cut. You can download a copy of the user manual from our online website.

About SawMaster

At SawMaster, we have been a leader in the precision diamond tool business for more than 20 years. We specialize in reliable, long-lasting equipment that requires low maintenance. Our saws are made of high-quality materials, and we build them to meet the demands of professional contractors. You can count on our machines to provide you with expert results. We sell a large assortment of tools and saws at affordable prices. We strive to offer our customers a selection of precision diamond tools that will last for many years. We are a leading industry professional and contractors across the country know us as the best diamond tool company in the United States. Contact us today to learn more about our excellent professional equipment.