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Masonry Saw

Contractors, builders, and construction crews need to use the proper machines to perform a professional job. One of the most useful and necessary tools is a saw for masonry work. A masonry saw is similar in appearance to a hand saw, but has a larger and more robust blade that can cut through concrete blocks. SawMaster sells a vast array of saws to fit every need for both professional and home projects.

What Are the Uses for a Masonry Saw?

It is best to use specialized saws for specific types of work. When you use the right equipment, you can expect the best results. A saw for masonry has a longer blade and larger teeth than other types of saws. It can efficiently cut through concrete blocks quickly and easily. You need this type of saw when you work with concrete blocks, so you can cut them to fit the sizes that you require. When you use the saw, you will create straight lines that give the job a professional finish. This type of saw is a necessity for most masonry work.

Features of the Masonry Saw

Our SawMaster masonry saw is a versatile masonry chop saw that you could use for brick and block jobs. You can use it wet or dry, so it is useful in a variety of situations. The saw has a large 14-inch blade and a 3 HP carbon-brush motor that allows you to cut blocks up to 5 inches thick with one pass. While the saw is extremely powerful and robust, it is not extremely heavy. At only 75 pounds, you can easily transport the saw to your worksite. It is designed to handle large-scale masonry production. It is a must for all masonry contractors and companies.

Is the SawMaster Saw Reliable?

We make our SawMaster products with high-quality materials, and they are built to last. We know that you depend on your saw to hold up for many years of reliable service. You can be sure that when you buy a SawMaster product, it will be durable and require little maintenance. We inspect all of our saws to ensure they meet our high-quality standards. SawMaster is a brand that you can count on as an industry leader. Many contractors and professionals use our tools and equipment to produce excellent results. You can find information and use instructions in the user manual, which we provide online.

About SawMaster

At SawMaster, we have been supplying the professional community with high-quality equipment for more than 20 years. We specialize in durable and reliable diamond tools. We engineer our tools to exacting standards based on years of knowledge and expertise. We keep an abundant supply of saws in our warehouse and are ready to ship your equipment to your location anywhere in the United States. You will be proud and happy with an investment in your equipment so you will offer your customers the best possible results. Contact SawMaster today to learn more about our excellent diamond tools.