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Diamond Tools

Are you looking for high-quality diamond tools? Look no further than SawMaster Diamond Tools, Inc. We have been in business since March 1, 1997.

Why Use Diamond Tools?

When we think about a diamond, we automatically think about the precious stones that are traditionally a symbol of romance and marriage, including the engagement ring. 80% of the 100 million carats of diamonds that are mined today are used for industrial purposes. These diamonds are called bort diamonds. These bort diamonds are severely flawed, irregular and their color is gray to black. Bort diamonds are not the diamonds we refer to when we see “Diamonds Are Forever.”

It is believed the Chinese used diamond grit to polish their ceremonial axes. Those axes were made from corundum and polished until they had a mirror finish.  Diamonds are not a rarity on earth but gem-quality diamonds not as numerous as industrial quality stones.

You can’t talk about diamonds without mentioning De Beers. De Beers was founded in 1888 by Cecil Rhodes.  De Beers created the slogan, “Diamonds Are Forever” in 1947.

What Are Synthetic Diamonds?

A synthetic diamond is grown in a laboratory. They have the same chemical composition, crystal structure, and properties as a natural diamond, but they are not natural. Diamond tools are often made using synthetic diamonds. In the 1950's they were first produced for industrial purposes. 

The primary industrial use of diamond tools is PCD drilling bits in the gas and oil industry and the mining industry. When a company or individual works with stone, marble, granite, or concrete, they will need to use a saw blade. For these types of applications, diamond blades are far superior to other kinds of materials.

Diamond tools are used in almost every industry for several different applications, and it is difficult to name just a few.

What Are The Advantages Of Diamond Saw Blades?

Diamond saw blades have several advantages over other types of blades, such as carbide and tungsten.

  • Reduction of equipment wear
  • Less operating time translates into less labor which saves money
  • Diamond saws have a lower instance of burning or fracturing the surface during the cutting process
  • Diamond saw blades last longer and wear less
  • High-quality cutting performance on stone, concrete, and like materials
  • High-velocity blades reduce noise and sound pollution on the job-site

Diamond saw blades will give you a good result, cut accurately, are cost-effective and durable. These are commendable traits for employers, employees, and private DIY citizens. There are several applications such as masonry work, where a diamond concrete saw is invaluable. They provide an exact cut and leave a smooth edge.

Where Can I Purchase High-Quality Diamond Tools?

If you are looking for the best diamond tools on the market, contact Sawmaster. Their mission is to provide customers across America with precision diamond tools at competitive prices. They have an entire line of diamond tools consisting of saws, diamond blades, and accessories for cutting almost any material. We are continually working on upgrading and evolving our products to meet the construction industry. Try the Sawmaster difference today.