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Best Tile Saw

You’re looking for the best tile saw money can buy- one that will reduce downtime and significantly improve productivity. Reach for SawMaster tools for superior craftsmanship & design, US-engineering and manufacturing, and a better all-around experience on the job site. Nothing performs and lasts like a SawMaster tile saw because no other company is focused as intently on delivering a quality tool at a reasonable price.

Which is the Best Tile Saw on the Market?

If you’re still buying tools from big box companies, you’re likely buying imported tools, regardless of how much you’re paying for them. The problem with China imports is they’re manufactured expressly for high production- not high quality. At SawMaster, we would never consider sacrificing quality to produce a few more tools. We build the best tile saw available because we use seasoned craftsmen and high-quality materials, maintaining a laser-focus on the end product rather than how many tools are coming off the line. Don’t take our word for it- read reviews on our website and on tools sites, left by our satisfied customers.

Can I Trust Google’s Recommendations For a Tile Saw?

In a word- no. You’ll notice that the top 10 tile saw picks from Google include brand names that are known to manufacture low-quality products. Google picks are based on how much money the company spends on marketing, so any company that spends enough on Google Ads can make it appear as though they sell the best tile saw- but the proof of SawMaster’s quality goes deeper than our advertising capabilities. We’ve built our reputation on customer experience rather than marketing.

More Options For Tile Cutting

At SawMaster, we think out H5 hand-held tile saw is the best tile saw available today for its supreme flexibility and 1/2 HP motor. Weighing in at just over 8 lbs, our hand-held tile saw is not only highly portable, but it has enough power to cut through glass, ceramic, and natural stone with ease. The H5 comes with a blade guard and garden hose connection for wet tile cutting or a vacuum connection for dry cutting. You can read additional specs and find the H5 owner’s manual on our website. See also benchtop and table saws to meet all of your tile cutting needs.

Speak With SawMaster’s Pros

Another significant advantage of buying a tool from an our company is gaining access to English-speaking support when you have questions or need help with the tools you’ve purchased. Use our 888 number to connect with a SawMaster expert before or after placing an order. If you prefer, use our website’s contact form for convenient communication.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can buy a cheap import saw and get through your project without maintenance and downtime- those are two of the biggest complaints from consumers who buy from China. SawMaster tools are designed and manufactured with the user in mind; when you buy a tile saw from our website you’ll have peace of mind that you’re purchasing the best tile saw on the market today.