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Best Tile Cutting Equipment

Are you looking to purchase high-quality tile cutting equipment for your business or a DIY project? Contact Sawmaster. We have reliable saws and diamond tools that are durable and competitively priced.

What Tools and Equipment Do I Need To Cut Tile?

Ceramic tiles come in several different styles and are used for walls, tabletops, rooftops and dado walls, (dado is the lower part of a fractioned wall). Here is a list of tools you can use to cut tile: 

  • angle grinder
  • glass cutter
  • jigsaw
  • manual snap cutter
  • rotary cutting tool
  • tile nipper
  • tile scribe
  • wet tile saw

An angle grinder is useful if you need to make angled cuts. Choose the right blade for your angle grinder, preferably diamond-tipped with a smooth edge. Your cut will not as clean as it would be if you used a wet tile saw. 

If you have a small, simple cut to make, you might want to consider using a glass cutter. You will need to smooth out the edges after your cut.

You can also use a jigsaw to make cuts in a ceramic tile. Typically you use a jigsaw to make angled cuts and notches.

A snap cutter is referred to as a rail cutter.  This handy tool is perfect for making straight cuts.

A rotary cutting tool makes creating a hole in the center of a tile or making cuts along the edge a cinch. Its blade works much like a drill and can cut any shape needed. It is a difficult tool to use when cutting a straight line.

A tile nipper is often used for small irregular cuts across the edges. Tile nippers do not leave a clean edge on the tile, and you will have to spend time cleaning up the side.

If you need to make a basic straight cut, the use of a tile scribe is used. This is the most basic method for cutting tile.

The wet tile saw makes precise tile cuts and comes in many different sizes. You need to have experience using a wet tile saw. You can own one, or in some instances rent one. A good quality wet tile saw will come with a pump to spray water on your project. It is essential to have a splash guard if you are going to use it inside. It is recommended you use it outside. They produce a lot of dust from the tile and splash from the water, making them messy to operate.

Are Diamond Saw Blades Used for Tile?

Diamond saw blades are perfect for working with tile. They leave an excellent smooth cut which makes your job easier. If you are a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, you will want to make sure you purchase high-quality equipment and blades.

Tile cutting equipment can be purchased from several different sources. If you are looking for cutting edge diamond tools and equipment, contact Sawmaster today. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality of diamond tools and tile cutting equipment.