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Best Porcelain Blade

You’re looking for a porcelain blade that won’t let you down in the middle of a tile-cutting project. You’ve come to the right place- SawMaster designs and manufactures some of the best diamond blades on the market. See our inventory for the blades you need for every porcelain cutting project.

What Type of Blades Are Used For Cutting Tile?

At SawMaster, we carry what many consider the best porcelain blade on the market. Consider our Continuous Rim Blades for the following jobs:

  • Cheetah Series Specialty Set Tile Blades for wet cutting glazed & porcelain tile, granite, and marble
  • Spider Wet Porcelain Tile Blades for set cutting porcelain and vitreous tile
  • Prolong Series Wet Porcelain Tile Blades (coarse) for wet cutting porcelain, medium-hard brick, marble, granite, ceramic, and glazed tile
  • Prolong Series Dry Porcelain Tile Blades (coarse) for dry cutting porcelain, medium-hard brick, marble, ceramic tile, glazed tile, and granite
  • Specialty Wet Granite & Stone blades for wet cutting granite and stone
  • General Purpose Wet Tile Blades for wet cutting Ceramic, Terrazzo, graphite, marble, granite, tile, clay roofing, and limestone
  • General Purpose Dry Tile Blades for wet or dry cutting tile, limestone, graphite, marble, ceramic, Terrazzo, clay roofing, and granite

Do I Need a Wet Tile Saw For Porcelain?

At SawMaster, we highly recommend using a wet tile saw for your porcelain tile cutting project. Inexperience using a wet tile saw often leads to chipping, which can easily be remedied with a bit of experience or by watching a short online video instruction to help you avoid the common pitfalls. You’ll find we have an excellent assortment of blades designed for just about every type of cutting project, even hard porcelain that is often difficult to cut. Along with our Continuous Rim Blade Series, we direct customers to our Turbo Blades for exceptional precision on the job:

  • Natural Stone Diamond Pattern Rim Blades for wet or dry cutting natural stone and hard materials
  • Granite & Natural Stone Wide Turbo Rim Blades for wet or dry cutting natural stone and hard materials

Why Buy From SawMaster?

If you’re like a lot of our customers, you’re fed up with cheap import tools and machines that break almost immediately after purchase or are only good for a job or two before they start to decline in performance. We manufacture superior machines & blades using innovative design, and materials that outlast and outperform the competition. Our commitment to creating a better product means less downtime for our customers and a higher return on the investment. Absolutely nothing performs like a SawMaster tool because no other company is as dedicated to the customer experience.

Browse our porcelain blade inventory online or call a SawMaster pro to recommend the right blade for the job at hand. We’ll be happy to answer any questions while you have us on the phone and address any concerns you have about our machines, tools, and blades. Look no further than SawMaster when you want the best porcelain blade available today.