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Best Core Drills

Core drills are essential implements in the construction industry. You can drill into hard surfaces, including countertops, ceramics, concrete, and even surfaces like asphalt. For the correct selection and use of your drill bits, it is essential that you take into account specific vital issues.

What Features Does a Core Drill Have?

The body of this type of drill should be made with steel and high hardness metals. This way, they will be able to make holes in tough surfaces without breaking. Besides, the shape of the tips are different: they have the form of a shovel. This design allows the drill to work optimally, given the characteristics of this category of materials.

Another significant feature is the coating of the tip. They are reinforced usually with carbide or tungsten. The heavy-duty bits will even be enhanced with diamond particles. It should be noted that these devices typically come with a central shaft and then the core bit that will allow reaching the desired diameter for the project. If you would like further assistance in selecting your drills please contact us. In SawMaster we will gladly help you.

How to Select the Ideal Drill?

Even when it comes to drilling, you have to keep in mind that not all surfaces have the same hardness or abrasiveness. In this sense, the first thing you should consider is the type of material you want to drill and then choose the line of products that suits your needs.

For example, within our extraordinary product lines, you can select from the Tile Contractor Series Core Bits Standard to work with materials such as ceramic or marble to the exceptional Concrete Pro Series Core Bits Premium, with which you can drill harsh surfaces such as reinforced concrete or asphalt. On top of that, it's essential that you choose a manufacturer with a long history in the market: this will guarantee that you'll acquire drill bits of excellent quality, durability, and performance.

Using Core Drills Successfully

Take into account the drilling method you will use. Wet drilling is best. This procedure requires a constant flow of water over the surface to be drilled. This way, you will get a precise hole with few imperfections. Also, wet drilling keeps the drill at the correct temperature increasing its durability and the life of the drill motor.

Another significant aspect is the type of tool you will use along with your drills. The best models are those that have the hammer function, that hit the surface while drilling, to increase efficiency. Another useful feature is that it has a reverse, which will allow you to extract the wick safely (without bending or breaking) in case it locks. Finally, make sure the power and torque of the drill are sufficient to deal with the type of material.

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