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Tile Saw

SDT-1030 The SDT-1030 was designed to provide professional installers with the power and cutting capability needed to handle a wide range of projects. It features an incredible cutting length of over 25" that is suitable for cutting 18" tiles in a diagonal and an integrated miter mechanism for making quick bevel cuts. A 2 HP universal motor generates an immense amount of torque to drive each cut. But the most impressive feature is how light the saw isójust 72 lbs.

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Product Specifications
Saw Type     Tile
Motor     115 V/60 Hz
Horsepower     2 HP
Blade Capacity     6"~10"
Blade Arbor     5/8"
RPM     3200
Dimension3     41"L X 25"W X 20"H
Weight     72 lbs
Cutting Depth     3-1/2"
Rip Cutting     25-1/2"
Diagonal Cutting     18"
Thermal Protection     Equipped
Features Click on Feature Photo Available to see a close-up of the Feature

Feature Cutting TableFeature Photo Available
The cutting table features an injection mold rubber mat that provides a firm durable work surface while the ball-bearing rollers ensure smooth effortless movement.

Feature Pro E.D.I. SystemFeature Photo Available
The E.D.I. System is capable of monitoring the machine's performance and health and then providing feedback that will allow the user to work more efficiently. The SDT-1030 may optionally be equipped with the standard power switch instead of the E.D.I. system.

Feature Water TraysFeature Photo Available
To conserve water, rear and side drip trays increase the surface area for collecting water and slurry to reduce spillage.

Feature Miter CuttingFeature Photo Available
The cutting head can be tilted 45° to perform quick and easy miter cuts without the aid of additional tools.

Feature Extension Tables
Standard equipped side and rear extension tables enlarge the work surface to provide maximum support for large tiles.

Feature Blade Guard
The two-piece design allows one side of the blade guard to be removed for unobstructed access to the blade.

Feature Water Pump
The high-output water pump features a valve that allows the operator to regulate the amount of water necessary to protect the blade while minimizing misting.

Feature Adjustable Water Feed
Water feed can be adjusted to direct water flow to the blade rim for improved cooling efficiency.

Feature Adjustable Post
For smaller tiles, the cutting head can be positioned closer to the operator to minimize fatigue. Conversely, it can be repositioned further away only when necessary to accommodate larger tiles.

Feature Work Light
Saws equipped with the E.D.I. System also feature a variable intensity LED light that illuminates the cutting area so that work may be conducted in a poorly lit environment.

Feature Belt-Drive
The V-type tension belt transfers torque from the powerful 2 HP brush motor to the blade shaft, allowing the blade to run at its optimum speed.

Feature Steel Construction
The saw utilizes a solid steel frame construction that enhances durability and minimizes vibrations to increase cutting accuracy.

Feature ABS Water Tray
The provided ABS water tray is durable, yet lightweight, which helps minimize the saw's overall weight.

Feature Table Retention Device
The cutting table is equipped with a spring lock to secure the cutting table when transporting the saw in between job sites.

Feature Blade Guard Brushes
The blade guard contains brushes that not only minimize spray, but they also uniformly distribute the water over the blade for more effective cooling.

Feature Adjustable Cutting Height
Cutting depth can be easily adjusted to accommodate 6" to 10" blades and to provide plunge cutting functionality.

Feature Carbon Brush Motor
The equipped carbon brush motor generates a tremendous amount of torque, surpassing that of a comparably rated induction motor. At the same time, it is also lighter and smaller, which makes it ideal for portability.

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Recommend Using...

9.25" Prolong Series Wet Porcelain Tile Blades


Owner's Manual

Manual for this model is not currently available online. Please contact customer service for a hard copy.

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1 The indicated blade is recommended by SawMaster for general use based on the saw's intended applications and its specified blade capacity. The blade may not be appropriate for all applications. As such, SawMaster recommends that you purchase blades that suit your particular needs. Feel free to contact customer service if you need any help with regards to selecting an appropriate blade.

2 Some saws are prepackaged with factory-default slide-in legs. In which case the saw stand shown here is not necessary, but is, nevertheless, recommended for added convenience.

3 Dimension measurements are made of the physical unit and not the package in which the unit is contained within. Measurements will be taken from one extreme to the opposing extreme, not including detachable appendages (e.g. stands, legs, splash guards, and cable retainers). Measurements are approximations that are rounded up to the closest 0.5" for convenience. For saws that feature miter cutting capability, measurements will be taken while the cutting head is set to an upright position.


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