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Electrical Diagnostic Interface System
E.D.I. System

EDI System
"Protect your investment get saws that are EDI Ready."

The Electrical Diagnostic Interface (E.D.I.) System is a revolutionary device that replaces the role of conventional power switches. It serves as a single interface from which to operate the machine and its various electrical components. More importantly, the E.D.I. System is capable of monitoring the machine's performance and health and then providing feedback that will allow the user to work more efficiently and to quickly identify problems.

EDI System
1. LED display shows current power usage as well as the operational status of various electrical components.
2. Powers a bright LED work light to illuminate the cutting area.
3. Allows the water pump to be manually turned on/off, or the system can activate the pump automatically when a cut is detected.
EDI System Ready

> SDT-1030
> SDT-1030M2
> SDT-1000XT
> SDT-1010
> SDT-710SR
> SDT-700SR

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